obibox, redefining standards

The logistical strength of Tecor and the proprietary technology of Xpedigo unite to become obibox. The new company will offer an integrated turnkey solution from pickup to delivery.

Who we are

obibox stands out thanks its service excellence, its straightforward customer experience and its proprietary technology platform. We are sole proprietors, which means that we are agile, efficient and innovative.

With a focus on transparency and information integrity, obibox aims to revolutionize and empower the industry, one package at a time.

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Who we are

Our services

Our services

Same-day delivery and next-day delivery, 7 days a week.

Stand out from your competitors by delivering your packages and goods faster.

Tracking and monitoring shipments

Stay informed in real time about the delivery of your packages and goods.

API connection

Connect your transactional site and inventory management system to the obibox technology to obtain real-time tracking of your shipments.

Storage and distribution

Trust us with the storage and distribution of your goods.

Our values

Our environmental responsibility

Achieve a 90% reduction in carbon footprint by 2030 through the following measures:

  • The creation and use of industry-leading route optimization algorithms.

  • The deployment of a fleet of electric trucks in our high-density centres.

  • The production of GHG indicators in packages.

  • A paperless management system and a policy enforcing the use of recycled technological devices.

Our clients

They trust us to take care of their business needs.

Food delivery

(for example, ready-to-cook meals)

Commercial delivery



(prestige division)


No matter the size of your business, we have a solution to process your orders:

  • Portal: Via our personal obibox portal.

  • API: Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Lightspeed and others: Via our API, we can connect to your transactional site.

  • Full integration (CMS, TMS, WMS and ERP): Through full integration on your website.

Contact us for more information on the different ways to place orders.

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